As of right our feature of lighting intensity is the use of 5 strobes, very bright and harsh to stare at, yet so immensely suiting for intense fast pace dancing! Everyone just goes crazy when everything for a quick second goes black, then bam, strobes goes off giving an immediate sensation of epicness filling the entire room.

We'd like to light up your night some more with other line dancing lighting effects with DMX capabilities and strobing effects (which ofcourse everyone loves). 

Here's a small line up of a few future lighting equipment we plan to use to light up your night!

American DJ Aggressor

American DJ Mega Pixel L.E.D.

American DJ Revo 4

American DJ Shooting Star L.E.D.

Hope to see all of you guys at each of our events because we'd like to always have something new to present to you guys as a gift of being fans of Backbeat Ambiance! 

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