Something to see in the future!
Sometimes in the future here we will be providing some type of admission card for your attendance. Guess you can call it, "Backbeat Ambiance's Club Event Card" ect. There will be various types of our so called, "club cards."

Backbeat Ambiance Premium Admission Card : What this card provides is that, on the card there will be 6 punch card markings. Of the 6, only 5 are the standard admission payments of $5/entry, once the first 5 admission are checked off, your 6th admission is free. (NOTE) You may not use admission card checked off for others. 

Backbeat Ambiance Pre-Paid Admission Card : With this card, it's cash up-front. On this card there will be 10 admission check marking spots. 10 admission = $50 with $5/each standard admission. For this admission card valued of $50, it'll be $40 instead of $50 going each time. So, basically you get two free admission with this card. (NOTE) You may not use admission card checked off for others, your personal pre-paid card will have your own individual unique customer number which will be kept track of who has a pre-paid card with your name on it.  

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